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Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a Domain Name How to choose a good domain Choosing the right domain name is extremely important for establishing yourself online. It will be your website address www.idesignwebsites.online and also a part of your email name@idesignwebsites.online Your web address should be short, easy to remember and also connect with your business name, services or products. Domain names can be purchased for as little as $9.99 a year from Crazy Domains.  Which domain extension is for you?

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SEO For a New Website

SEO For a New Website How does a new website start ranking? Does it just magically appear in Google after you’ve launched it? What things do you have to do to start ranking in Google and get traffic from the search engines? Here, I explain the first steps you’ll need to take right after the launch of your new website. Learn how to start working on the SEO for a new website! By Marieke van de Rakt First: you’ll need

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Simple Yet Powerful SEO Tip: Backlinks

Simple Yet Powerful SEO Tip: Backlinks by Jeremy Wong The topic of SEO or Search Engine Optimization is heavily discussed and debated on the internet.  Go ahead, just type in “SEO” in any search engine and you’ll get libraries of discussions… information overload, in fact. So I’m going to cut straight to the chase.  Sorry to say, there are NO short cuts to good optimization. Sure, there are all sorts of so-called “black hat” methods, such as link farms – they

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Where to Find Professional Images for Your Website?

Where to Find Professional Images for Your Website? Finding the right, high quality images for your website is important.  The quality of the images can affect how your visitors perceive your website – whether it is credible or not. Whether this is fair or not, it’s simply human psychology.  We all tend to gravitate towards nice and pretty pictures, and are quick to judge when something doesn’t look good. We have a few different recommendations where you can go find

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How Important is SEO?

Why is Search Engine Optimisation So Important? Google has stated that 'content' is among its top three ranking factors, but what makes content 'good' from an SEO perspective? Columnist Nate Dame outlines what makes high-quality SEO content. by Nate Dame Effective content marketing is a vehicle for modern SEO. Just as wheels without an engine leaves you pedaling, content without an SEO strategy can’t keep up in a digital marketplace. And just like an engine with no wheels, SEO

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